Feel The Device

Feel the Device is an art exhibition exploring mobile applications and their impact on the people that use them.

About the exhibition

The collection encourages viewers to reflect upon the unseen influence mobile applications (apps) have on each of us: on the aspects of our lives that are being replaced by technology and becoming obsolete, on the fact that these apps fight for our attention and ultimately, steal time and awareness away from our lives. Ubiquitous apps and their users surround us and form our personalities. This is modern life in the 21st century.

Are these apps bad or are they just a tool? Perhaps, it’s the way we use these tools for which we are guilty. Are we guilty? Are the creators of mobile apps guilty for the way the software is used?

As an experience designer in the software industry, this form of questioning comes naturally to Otakar. His profession has given him an acute awareness to the influences modern technology has on humans and society. He has spent countless hours uncovering this impact through research, observation, conscious usage, and immersion in the tech world.


Acadèmia de Belles Arts de Sabadell
Sabadell, December 14 - February 1 2020.

MUTUO Gallery
Barcelona, November 14 - 16 2019

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